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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Junction 2010 is sure to delight and fascinate with a smorgasbord of creative expression that will be realised by an impressive line-up of artists over five days. While Junction will offer a dazzling array of events, exhibitions, workshops and performances it will also offer something perhaps less obvious. A challenge.

This is an opportunity for people that grace the streets of this beautiful city to explore the possibilities of art and to be challenged by perceptions of artistic expression through inventive and imaginative processes. The outcomes of these interactions will certainly be touching.

Art is everywhere, from the comfort of a willow seat at the Wild Willow Café to the less public arrangement at The Outhouse. A conversation at the Mode Café is more likely to be the audible crafting of a letter to a long lost love, or perhaps a dictation requesting the return of a long overdue DVD from that friend who promised they would watch it that night.

Junction will undoubtedly offer experiences that will entertain and amuse yet it will also offer avenues for exploration that will confront and provoke further investigation. I can’t wait.

Yep, art is everywhere. Just like my hair… So, I plan to participate in experience that will live with me long after the Junc Room is disassembled. I am laying my locks to the mercy of a ten year old. Art has no boundaries and as I will discover first-hand, no age limits either! Bring it on.

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