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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Going Home for Arts Sake

It's quite an exciting prospect returning to my birth place to participate in a national arts conference and accompanying festival. Especially as I left more than 20 years earlier in search of a more culturally diverse existence. Alot can happen in 20 years. So I am eagerly gathering notebooks and testing pens for the scrawling to come when I join fellow WriteResponsers as we gobble up as much art, theatre, music and culture as we can get our hands and heads on.

Leafing through the Junction festival guide, I am especially looking forward to what MADE's choreographer and director, Glen Murray has created with PANE. There was such a buzz about his last show in Hobart, and I love the thought of shop front performance.

I remember reviewing the readings of Sex, Death and a Cup of Tea, under the title Two Pairs of Shorts at the last Ten Days on the Island and I loved it. So I am keen to see how the four works by playwrights; Adam Grossetti, Finegan Kruckemeyer, Debra Oswald and Sue Smith have been developed and realised.

For now it's back to the program for more reading. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you and hearing what you thought.

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