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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Haircuts by Children

‘We are going to teach children basic hair cutting. On real people!’

Judy Goss, owner of Studio Hair and Beauty, approached Evon Gelekai, trainer and assessor with thirty years experience in hairdressing, with this proposition.
The result is twenty one children aged ten to twelve years who have spent two weeks learning how to snip, style, colour and clip hair.

The kids, understandably, are keen as mustard and being taught by professionals how to create a style and wield the tools to achieve it. The styles are wild and bold, one looks like tagging on a head instead of a wall.

Fifty brave souls are booked to go under the blade over the next three days and they will receive royal treatment from a team of budding hairdressers who take it in turns to style and assist. If you pass them in the street, you will know who they are — these are the fashion makers of tomorrow and they know how to get your attention!

Presented by Mammalian Diving Reflex
Haircuts at Studio Hair and Beauty
185 Charles St
Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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