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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stumbling on Contraptions

It's difficult to get people out to an event on a Winter evening. My local friend Alan tells me that it's difficult to get people out to arts events in Launceston at the best of times, and given similar experiences in Hobart, I can well believe it. That's why it's great that the Junction Festival is full of art you can stumble upon.
I've always been fond of the Pleiades constellation, a tiny jewel box in the Northern sky. Now the stars have multiplied and been brought to centre stage, enlightening a prominent tree.

Alternatively, I dare anyone to look at the split wood arranged in the shape of a fireplace without smiling, stepping closer and peering at what else has been built into its structure.

There's a cafe made from twisted willow; delightfully useless clockwork; umbrellas in the trees; a booth where you can let loose your reflections and projections. All this is just at Civic Square. A range of other images and installations have sprouted amidst arcades and public buildings. It might be argued that the signage could be improved to alert searchers, but perhaps this is part of the attraction; the pleasure of stumbling across artistic contraptions in the streets.

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