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Friday, August 27, 2010


Sometimes joy comes softly and at other times it screams in your face.

So it is with WeTubeLIVE, a wild dance exhibition of simultaneous and solo performances by 50 young and largely untrained dancers interpreting their favourite YouTube clip.
Directed by Ben Speth for Stompin', WeTubeLIVE extraverts the voyeuristic fascination with the introverted expression of our 21st century technological lives - and there's no place to hide.

The audience is immersed in the performance, name-tagged and self-consciously visible to each other and the performers, wandering around the perimeter and through the rows of dancers as they yell, sing, dance, talk, stay still and silent, and otherwise perform their interpretation. Be warned: you may find yourself part of the performance.

The freedom to watch, interpret and have a dialogue with an artwork - even if it is only with yourself - is at the core of its transformative power. Of course we're self-conscious and exposed: we can't possibly anticipate or control the affect it may have on us. Whether we understand it or walk away more confused, WeTubeLIVE demonstrates how empowering it is to stand in your own space and express yourself without fearing the consequences.

WeTubeLIVE is chaotic, noisy, confronting, disturbing, humorous, joyous - everything the arts should be.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see it.

pyjama girl said...

apologies to all those who i scared with my screams :) it was an amazing experience and I am glad you enjoyed it!

Sara Wright said...

Hey Wendy, reading your blog like I said I would! :)
Can't believe I missed WeTube but I'm sure you will fill me in on what happened.

Sara, :)

Meara said...

Bring this kind of experience to Portland Oregon!!!!!