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Thursday, August 26, 2010


When is the truth too hard to look at up close?
In 1915 most young men in Australia died at Gallipoli,. We all know that, we’ve heard the story, the details, seen the visceral brutality of it.

In 2010 most young men in Australia die in high speed single vehicle car crashes - we probably know that too, in theory at least. But in DRIVE, the documentary created with and about a group of young North West Tasmanian men, their families and friends,
the brutal truth of that statistic slams you right in the face in a way I have not before experienced .

This brave and visually beautiful film interlaces breathtakingly honest close up interview and voiceover, with evocative images of landscape, action, work , life and family. It dives deep below the surface of these young men’s lives - into their passions and their fears, their loves and their hates, to show what drives such reckless and often devastating behaviour. At the same time it goes way beyond the clichés of our normal understandings.

Presented by Big hART, this film should be compulsory viewing for all young Tasmanians.

It screens again at Saturday at 7.45 am, followed at 9 am by a special Panel on risk - taking young men and their intersection with Art at 9 am.
The film also screens again on Sunday afternoon at 2pm.

1 comment:

Bronwyn said...

Thanks for promoting the screening. And for the recommendation for viewing by all young Tasmanians. Lets hope it can be.