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Thursday, August 26, 2010


WeTube. WOW.

The world is in reverse with fifty people taking video pop-culture and turning it into live performance. Fifty young people in their own little white-bordered square acting, dancing, miming, freaking out, spacing out; completely self-initiated and composed.
The overall concept is created and directed by Ben Speth , with assistance from Becky Hilton, Emma Porteus and Adam Wheeler. But really this about the teenagers working their arses off for an hour and exposing themselves to close-quarter scrutiny. Observers are given name tags, making them less able to hide behind the anonymity of being in an ‘audience’ because, as we mill around amongst the performers, perhaps everyone feels more equal knowing each others’ names.

Every ten minutes there is a rest period where performers ‘refresh’, while the huge digital clock keeps time. The old-world feel of the Albert Hall meets the twenty-first century in a big old way. And, like the internet, it seems to never stop.

Both the concept and delivery of WeTubeLIVE is exceptionally good, made even better by the fact that it could be done in a million ways again, in that many places again.

WeTubeLIVE is an absolute must-see, at least once.

Presented by Stompin
Albert Hall

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